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Building Green


Whether renovating an existing house or building a new one, Sunwood Builders will guide clients through the process to construct an energy-efficient and environmentally responsible home. The products and choices available today to incorporate and integrate green features can be overwhelming and confusing. Sunwood Builders' experience and affiliation with architects, engineers, product manufacturers, and other building industry professionals knowledgeable in green building will help clients make the choices that are right for them and their budget without sacrificing the quality and craftsmanship one expects in a Sunwood built home.


What Does Sunwood Do?


We use energy-efficient construction techniques and products.


We use environmentally preferred materials, products, and processes.


We select renewable energy options and ENERGY STAR appliances.


We carefully use waste reduction and recycling during construction.


We use sustainable land development practices.


We design air-tight houses using energy-efficient doors, windows,

 insulation, and highly efficient HVAC systems.


We choose toilets and bath fixtures that are designed to conserve

water and energy.


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