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Construction Management/Supervision
The strength of Sunwood Builders lies in its diverse expertise and hands on supervision. By working directly with architects, engineers and designers, Sunwood Builders is able to prepare and monitor project schedules, ensuring that every phase is thoroughly coordinated, optimizing performance and quality for each project as well as providing full accountability of the entire construction process. Shaul Perry is always personally involved, working closely with every client in order to keep them fully informed and guarantee they are an integral part of the construction process.

Due Diligence


Whether it's new construction or a renovation/addition, Sunwood Builders will complete an analysis and evaluation of any and all site issues that may affect your project. These may include, but are not limited to, storm water management, zoning, utility or neighborhood overlays and/or any other restrictions.

Project Feasibility
 Sunwood Builders will arrange a complimentary site visit to discuss new construction or remodeling opportunities along with preliminary budget projections.

Architectural Design 
Sunwood Builders will help coordinate the design of your project with one of the highly-respected local architects they are associated with or, if you prefer, work with your own pre-selected architect.



Sunwood Builders' construction process is the result of collaboration between its own highly skilled staff and comparably skilled subcontractors with whom the company has established long-term relationships. Consequently, all involved in the project understand the standards of excellence necessary for Sunwood Builders to achieve the high level of quality for which they are known.

Budgeting and Value Engineering 
Sunwood Builders will prepare complimentary preliminary budgeting at various stages of your project. With most projects, Sunwood Builders is involved during the preliminary design stage, offering cost feedback and value engineering input. As the plans are developed, the cost analysis is updated and finalized in order to insure the client's expectations and budgetary guidelines are met. Even without detailed plans, their staff is able to prepare a comprehensive budget proposal.

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