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Building a Custom Home With Sunwood

Our goal is to put fun for both the customer and ourselves back into the most exciting project one will ever undertake. At present, Shaul will bring the customer from concept stage through design on to the finished product. We take great pride in our final product, knowing that our firm is committed to taking care of the customer with the utmost respect and responsive services required in today’s quality-conscious environment.


Sunwood Builders' reputation with area tradesmen, town officials, and satisfied customers has earned their respect over the years. We work closely with both the client and the trades, guiding them confidently through the design and building process. We are committed to listening to our customer’s needs and suggestions, along with all ideas brought to us by our subcontractors. This concept has allowed us to grow with the changing times and turn out a finished product that each and every participant in the project is proud of.


Sunwood Builders is a full-service custom homebuilder. From the day of a contract through completion, and on into the service, we work on specifics with a personal touch. Attention to detail and communication with our customers is the key element setting us apart from other builders.

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